Small turbines - Easy analysis is an easy tool for calculating the feasibility of small and medium sized turbines

See the wind at your potential site now


Calculate how much energy a specific turbine can produce at a specific site.

Find the best position for maximizing the energy production of your future wind turbine.

Calculate how nearby obstacles like trees and buildings impact the energy yield.

Monitor how well your turbine is performing when taking the actual wind into account.

Are you considering investing in a domestic wind turbine?

Already owning a small wind turbine? is dedicated for assesment of small and medium sized wind turbines in single configurations. enables you to analyse the wind energy yield, perform noise analysis and financial estimates.

It is also designed for turbine owners, being able to monitor the turbine and estimate the long term energy yield. is easy to use and provides around 90% of all data needed for any calculation.


Domestic turbine

Wind speed distribution per sector   Mean wind speed at site

Why analyse the wind before installing?

In order to install a wind turbine the wind conditions must be right. With you can calculate the local wind conditions at your location at a given height before installing - thereby reducing the uncertainty of the project economy. is based on the industry standard calculation engine, WAsP, which has been used for calculating wind resources for more than 25 years.

Turbine Monitoring

Why monitor the performance of a turbine?

With myWindTurbine you can do performance monitoring of existing domestic wind turbines. It is very easy and fast to add your monthly production data - and by using our monthly wind indices you can have en estimate of the expected long term yield of your turbine.

Best of all, it is completely free!


  • Determine the expected long term yield.
  • Ensure that the turbine is performing as expected.
  • Detecting any operational errors that may influence the production yield.
  • Compare production against similar turbines.
  • Compare production against neighboring turbines.

Annual Energy Production

Annual energy production is the most important number to know when planning to install a wind turbine. myWindTurbine can calculate this for many turbines with different heights, power curves and positions.

Noise analysis

The noise impact from a wind turbine depends on the surrounding environment and choice of turbine. Our noise calculation engine enables you to predict the noise propagation from a range of turbines comforting you, your neighbors and local council. Only in DK.


Calculate how nearby obstacles like trees and buildings impact the energy yield. For instance, see how cutting down a shelterbelt impacts the energy production.

Financial calculation

Calculate the costs and income of investing in a domestic turbine. This takes into account the feed-in-tariff, expected production, inflation and more.

Find best position

Find the best position to install your turbine in order to maximize the energy production. Experiment with different obstacle layouts and wind heights.

Wind map

Understand how the wind blows on your property.


Generate a report for easing the process of getting a building permit. This report can contain noise analysis, expected production at different wind speeds, full load hours and more.

Turbine Monitoring

Monitor how well your existing turbine is performing compared to the actual wind conditions and identify potential problems with the turbine.

Compare turbines

Compare your production with similar wind turbines and with local wind turbines near you and see how your turbine performs. Easily share your results via the Facebook feature.


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  • Access to wind resource map.
  • Monitor turbine performance.
  • Access to Wind index.



    Same as Basic plus:

  • One prospector project.
  • Unlimited calculations within 250 m of site.
  • Take local sheltering effect from obstacles into consideration.
  • Noise calculation (only for Denmark).
  • Financial calculation.
  • Introduction price

    59 EUR

    VAT included



  • Professional consultancy by experienced wind experts.
  • Customized solution that fits your needs
  • Most accurate result possible
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549 EUR

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About us is created in a joint effort between DTU Wind Energy and EMD International A/S. DTU Wind Energy has been involved in wind modelling research for decades and collaborated with EMD International A/S for many years. EMD International A/S has been the leading software developer and consultancy provider within the field of wind energy development, for more than 25 years. Based on this experience within wind modelling and wind consultancy, myWindTurbine has been created as a dedicated tool for planning domestic turbines at an affordable price. EMD International A/S
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